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   Our designs are based around the way you live, and we are always looking for the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. We conceive spaces with careful attention to comfort, flow, and light. After drawing up your plans, we advise you on the selection of material and colour, from wall and floor coverings to furniture and light fixtures. Our services are tailored to you needs and can include preparing an initial design concept; drafting plans; gathering quotations for artisans; and supervising all renovation work.

Kithen Bathroom refurbishment
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kitchen and bathroom refurbishment

total renovation

At-home consultancy decoration design
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at-home design consultancy

   Whether you’re embarking on a large renovation project, planning a complete home makeover, redecorating a family home, or just looking for some small advice, we can help you advance your project with confidence. We offer advice on an hourly basis about issues such as the layout of spaces and décor, keeping in mind both your budget and wishes. We provide specific suggestions about the placement of furniture, lighting, and the pairings of colours, material, fabric, and flooring. Price for 1 hour €180; 1,5 hour €250; 2 hours €300.

home search

  If you are interested in buying a property, we can help you find the perfect home. Depending on your specific needs, we can assist in a variety of ways, from selecting potential houses and organizing visits to giving advice on the home(s) you have short-listed, and assisting with the negotiation. We can also oversee all aspects of your house’s renovation, from planning design and decoration to securing estimates, from coordinating contractors to supervising the entire process.

   We work with all manufacturers, brands, and stores, from local to other European suppliers. Work is performed by local contractors and artisans. According to the project and your style, we can recommend new or salvaged material, as well as new, vintage, or antique furniture and accessories.

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